The ketogenic diet


The ketogenic diet was first used in 1797, though back then it was not known as the ketogenic diet, the diet at the time was meat-heavy. It was then later picked up by John Hopkins University and used to treat childhood epilepsy (to this day the ketogenic diet programme is still running).


The ketogenic diet uses fat as the primary energy source. By consuming a diet high in good fats, sufficient protein and low carbohydrate, it is reducing the bodies insulin response (insulin is the fat-storing hormone).

By lowering insulin, the body is then able to release fat from adipose tissue, hence using fat as a fuel source.

A benefit of the ketogenic diet is the production of ketones. Ketones reduce hunger and increase energy.

Hunger on a diet is one of the main hurdles as to why diet does not work, the other is, habit, but when you are not hungry, you have time to work on the habit.

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